An Alternate Reality

To Summarize

Good News Everyone!

Our heroes boldly went where few heroes have gone: to the winner’s circle. Yeah sure heroes defeat their villains all the time, but this was a step above and beyond merely defeating the villains and saving the World. This was stopping the villain, convincing the villain they don’t want to be a bad guy anymore, and then having them over for a nice meal. Not everything is roses, but it is well on its way to a garden of Eden:

  • Amot is still at large
  • San Fransisco has vanished (and the vampires that ruled it with it), thanks to Black Adder.
  • Latveria is a stabilized region thanks to Neal Lyons and Black Adder.
  • The United Nations has taken a proactive, economic growth model approach to the nations of the world thanks to Neal Lyons.
  • Atlantis has agreed to terms with the surface world.
  • Wakanda still acts as an isolationist, but has agreed to join the United Nations on a probationary period.
  • Every Sunday, Neal gets together with various World Leaders for pancakes.


Did I do something with San Francisco that I don’t remember?

Otherwise, yay!

To Summarize

Black Adder built a giant solar/anti-earthquake machine and set it on San Fran. The result was San Fran vanishing.

To Summarize

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