Neal Davison Lyons

Super Charisma Man/ Sexiest Man Alive


Name: Neal Davison Lyons
Alias: Catalyst
Template: High-Tech-Cyborg
Age: 24
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 170 lb.
Race: White
Blood type: A+

Fighting: Gd/10
Agility: Ex/20
Strength: Gd/10
Endurance: Gd/10
Reason: Ex/25, Am/Business
Intuition: Rmk/30
Psyche: Ex/20
Appearance: Incd/40, Un/100
-Physical: 20
-Social: 70

Health: 50
Karma: 960
Initiative: +2
Popularity: 50/Worldwide, 75/New York
Resources: Mn
Dodge Pool: 2

True Charisma: Am/50
Ultimate Skill (Oratory)
Ultimate Skill (Psychiatry)

Monetary Fortune
Business: Level 3
Linguistics: Chinese
Leadership: Level 2 +10 bonus
Politics: Ex

Molecular Armor: Am
-Body Resistence: Am

-Seth (Ireland)
-Great Britain
President of Romania
President of Hungry (Named national holiday for Neal)


Super Heroes/Villains
Red Guardian
Bomb Peringon
Captain America
The Chef
The Chairman
The Blob
Captain Britain

New York Police



Neal Davison Lyons was born the second child of four in a small South African town to a catalytic-entrepeneur father and a diplomat mother. Neal’s parents raised him to greatly value his faith, compassion and justice, working hard to achieve a goal, and treating all people with value and equality. Neal learned from an early age that he possessed his mother’s talent for encouraging, inspiring, persuading, and even leading those he met. He used this combination of values and talents to great effect over the course of his growing up, resolving fights between friends, mediating town meetings, organizing fundraisers to supply and outfit the local preganacy center, securing funding from the state to build several water treatment plant, and founding and managing his own BUV company.

At the age of 22, Neal’s life took a drastic turn. Employed as the head of PR for Mercury Industires Johannesburg branch during the events of “Fear Itself,” Neal experienced the entire world around him dissolve into abject terror. It was then that his gift of inspiration and persuasion truly came into its own. He was able to reach beyond the terror felt by his co-workers and instill in them a sense of hope, a hope that carried them through the fear and enabled the branch to remain afloat while many of Mercury’s other branches were severely affected. In the afermath Mercury Industries founder, Seth, approached Neal with congratualtions and a propostition; to become a receipient of an experimental set of nanomachines designed to enhance one’s natural charisma and receive a substantial promotion. After considering his offer, Neal accepted. The nanomachines raised his charisma and leadership abilities to phenomenal levels. Two years later found him as the CEO of his own company, Catalyst Enterprises in New York City, and the founder of a super hero team, The Catalyst Initiative.

Is currently one of the World’s foremost businessmen, and sociopolitical consultants.

Neal Davison Lyons

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