A Psionic Warrior


Fighting –
Agility –
Strength -
Endurance -
Reason –
Intelligence -
Psyche –
Appearance -

Health -
Karma -
Initiative -
Dodge –
D. Recovery -
Resources -

Russian Black Market Freelancer
German Fence
Canadian Government Official


Martial Arts B, E
Weapon Master



Name: Reginold “Reg” Ward
Alias: Darkstar

Description: He is 5’8 140 lbs, 32 years old Short black hair, pale, dark green eyes. He walks very confidently with grace of a dancer or martial artist.

Bio: He is from Northern British Colombia, Canada originally. His family is roaming gypsy sorts; they spent time in South East Asia as well as Eastern Europe.
He began developing his psychic and psionic powers after his family’s “adventures” took them to the radioactive wastes of Chernobyl. His family dealing in international secrets and weapons trades. It gave him easy access to black ops equipment and weapons. Schooling was done at a primary level generally in Canada, though many private lessons were taught by his family. Here he learned several forms of martial arts and “diplomatic” interrogation methods.
Personality: He generally does not like anyone who is law abiding, or a goody two shoes. Having a high concentration of superheroes, he has generally stayed away from North America. He enjoys making copious amounts of money on selling weapons and information to the highest bidder. He dislikes when anyone gets in the way of him finishing a job. If there is a job that is particularly dangerous he won’t hesitate to turn it down, or demand some much higher reciprocation
Pursuits: With the past three years significantly lowering the population of heroes, it seems there might be some “real-estate” up for grabs in North America.


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