World renowned Archaeologist and current Sorcerer Supreme


Fighting Gd-10
Agility Ex-20
Strength Gd-10
Endurance Ex-20
Reason Ex-20
Intuition Ex-20
Psyche Un-100
Appearance Ty-5

Health 60
Karma 135
Resources Rm
Popularity S-20 I-30

Counterspell Un-100

Spells (12 areas-LOS)

Levitation Sn-60
Shield Individual Mn-80

Eldritch Crystals Mn-80
Nature-Water Rm-30
Telekenisis: Mn-80

Admittance Un-100
Transformation/Metal-Mineral Rm-30
Density/Control Self Rm-30
Astral Projection Am-50
Alteration Bone Rm-30


Scholar of Antiquities 3
Detective/Espionage 2
Occult Lore 3
Ice Skating 1
Martial Arts B 1
Atlantean Lore 1
Languages- Atlantean, English

Contacts: Atlantieans, Namor, Dr. Strange, Humbler, American Museum of Natural History, Seth, Celestia, Shooting Star, Avengers, X-men, Alpha Flight, EU Team, Excalibur
*Reserve Avenger

Equipment: Silver staff, Silver Rounds.


Took over as Sorcerer Supreme after Stephen Strange went down in the fight against the Asgardians. Is considered a renowned archaeologist, but has conceded to his rival Dr. Jones. For lack of time while guarding the Earth from mystical threats and beyond.


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