The eagle eyed archer


F) Ex 20
A) Rm 30
S) Gd 10
E) Ex 20
R) Ty 6
I) Gd 10
P) Ty 6
A) Gd 10

Health: 80 Karma: 22
Resources: Ty Pop: 30

Known Powers:
Enhanced Vision: Rm

Bow: 3 arrows/round at 7 areas range.
Arrows: Hawkeye has the following types of arrows that he uses in combat:
-Aerated Polymer: Create fall cushions that absorb up to In damage
-Acid: Mn damage (3 areas range)
-Anesthetic: Rm Knockout
-Bola: Rm entangling attack
-Boomerang: (may be added to other arrows)
-Cable: 2 areas long, In material
-Electrical: Am Electrical, 5 areas
-Explosive: Am damage to 1 area
-Flare: Gd Illumination, Am damage
-Incendiary: Rm Fire
-Magnetic: In Adherence, may carry cable or other arrowheads.
-Net: In Entanglement
-Putty: Rm Adherence to rough surfaces
-Rockets: range +1
-Scrambler: Shuts down electrical devices that it hits for 6 minutes.
-Smoke: 1 area
-Sonic: Ex Sonic, victim must make an Endurance FEAT or stunned for 1-10 rounds.
-Suction Cup: Rm adherence to smooth areas.
-Tear Gas: In, 1 area
-Thermal: Rm heat damage
-Vibration: Ex damage
Wrist Crossbow: Hidden under his arm guard, fires up to 3 areas. Fires the following bolts:
-Mini-Arrows: Gd Edge
-Knockout Dart: Gd potency
Katana Swords (x2): In material, Rm Edge

Talents: Leadership, Survival, Marksmanship, Thrown Weapons, Weapon Specialist: (Bow), Arrow-Head Design (Ex Reason)


Clint Barton has been trained by the original Captain America to supplement his already formidable marksmanship. He is one of the team leaders within the Avengers organization.


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