Gus Grissom

Str Sta Agi Dex Fgt Int Awe Pre
10 8 0 0 0 0 0 4
Power Points: 0
Hero Points: 1

Powers: 46

Regeneration 8 8
Protection: 7 (Impervious 10) 17
Quickness: 5
Flight: 5
Suit with battery pack 2
Enhanced Strength (lifting) 5

Advantages: 11
Leadership, Teamwork, Fearless, Interpose, Benefit Wealth 2, Benefit Cipher 1, Equipment 4,

Skills: 11
Persuasion +4, Expertise: Team Tactics +2, Close Combat (Hand-to Hand) +6, Ranged Combat (Thrown Objects) +2, Vehicle +2, Expertise: Aeronautics +2, Technology +4

Hand to Hand +6

Defenses: 8
Toughness: 15
Fortitude: 8
Dodge: 0
Parry: 0
Will: 7

Size: Large (mansion) Toughness: 10 Features: Infirmary, Fire Prevention System, Secret 2, Power System, Communications, Defense System, Gym, Living Space, Security System, Library, Laboratory

Fame (Superman),
Weakness (Powered by the Sun),
Quirk (Thinks he is a video game character)

Doing Good


He is a astronaut from another dimension. When he returned to his Earth, he relaxed to play a video game and a portal opened up that teleported him into a different dimension. The Marvel world, he appeared next to the X-Mansion. He teamed up with the X-men and now operates from a base attached to their mansion. He believes he is playing a video game. He has achieved great fame in this world and enjoys helping the people. He enjoys this, it is a game. He also achieved wealth when he appeared in this world. It was basically, just there.

Continuing to believe he was merely a video game character, Helios went out in a blaze of glory in the alternate reality that saw our heroes in Seattle, Washington.


An Alternate Reality username