Luke Cage

Blaxplotation at some of its finest! Go get 'em Power Man


F) In 40
A) Ex 20
S) Am 50
E) In 40
R) Gd 10
I) Ex 20
P) Ty 6
A) Gd 10

Health: 150 Karma: 36
Resources: Ty Pop: 30

Invulnerability: Un resistance to Physical, In resistance to Energy
Regeneration: Ty, he can accelerate his healing rate 3 fold above normal.

Talents: Business/Finance, Streetwise, Trivia (Movies), Martial Arts A, E, Law Enforcement, Criminal Skills


The Avengers resident tough guy. He is also one of their connections to the street level heroes, and some inside info on the comings and goings from both Rand Industries and the Devil’s Playground.

Luke Cage

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