Fighting 50 AM
Agility 40 IN
Strength 50 AM
Endurance 30 RM
Reason 20 EX
Intuition 20 EX
Psyche 20 EX
Appearance 20 EX (10 Physical, 10 Social)

Health: 170
Karma: 910
Initiative +2

Resources: Poor
Popularity: 0
Dodge Pool: 4 (+ 4 Tele) (1 dodge recovered per round)

Teleport Self 40 IN

Quick Striking 1
Exhibition 1
Martial Arts D

Space Rapier (Blunt Weapon) IN (Sharp Weapon) RM IN material
Body Armor – Cosmic Fencer Armor (Kevlar Strength) RM vs All
Body Armor – Body Suit Invented by Blackadder (-55 total + Cosmic Fencer)



Somewhere, on the edge of the galaxy, there exists a living phenomenon.
Through countless centuries, this force of human nature has traveled from world to world,
dispensing a righteous fury to purge evil and injustice. She lives only
to punish the wicked, as it always has been. Her elegance is unmatched, her technique is perfect. Her wrath is inescapable.

After her most recent campaign in Kree space, she has found her way to the planet called Earth.


Young Raine Perol had the makings of a fine lady, living in the richest family on the planet Yoen. Her spoiled upbringing sheltered her from evil, as her
parents were determined to raise their daughter untainted. Raine was a mischievous child, however, and often ran away from home to see the world with her own eyes.
What she saw horrified her. No other family within her city had the same sort of luxury she did. They all suffered day to day working to simply make ends meet.
One day, several village thugs recognized Raine, and attempted to capture her in an attempt to ransom her off. They might have succeeded, if Raine’s butler, Klaus, had not
been in town on a grocery trip. Klaus was quite proficient with a rapier, and disposed of the ruffians. He disagreed with Raine’s parents and their decision to
coddle the young girl. He told Raine that he would be happy to take her out on trips with him in the future, so long as she agreed to learn the art of fencing,
for he was but an old man, and would not be around forever to protect her. These trips would last for most of Raine’s young life, and she learned much about the
injustice of the world.

Raine’s fencing skills peaked by age 16, right around the same time that her parents were brutally murdered by none other than Klaus himself. He had been undercover
for many years disguising as a caretaker, waiting for the appropriate time to strike. Though Raine did not know it, her family was hated around the world as greedy,
selfish, and tyrannical — and she was being bred to succeed those corrupt values. Klaus had originally wanted revenge, but found hope in young Raine. He waited
for her skills in the sword to surpass his own before executing his revenge, done with a heavy hand and a heavy heart.

“This is my final lesson to you about the way the world works. Do you know what justice is? Do you have what it takes to wield it?” Klaus said. The two fought for a day,
but Raine’s youth allowed her to overpower Klaus and ultimately run him through. With nothing left to her name (she was not of proper age to succeed her family’s
wealth), she left on a spiritual journey across the world, removing herself from her attachments and pondering the events that led her life to where she was now. She
felt the need to do this, for she felt no satisfaction in her personal revenge. She spent much time in nature, observing the world around her without the interference
of morals and people. She found that justice did not exist in nature, but human nature. She then decided to simply become not a force of nature, but a force of human

She came to be known as the “Right-of-Way” on her planet, a force of nature comparable to a divine storm that swept through the cities and eradicated
wrongdoing. Before Raine was 20 years old, she had successfully eradicated or incarcerated all of the world’s criminals and wrongdoers. She moved
her spiritual journey to the stars, taking her pilgrimage all across the galaxy.


Right-of-Way has completely abandoned her identity of Raine Perol, and acts similarly to a battle-maiden. She relishes combat, and shows no quarter
regardless of her opponent. She retains her elegant upbringing in her body language and her speech, and, outside of battle, it seems as though she is the
same fine lady she was brought up to be. She has no issue with killing her opponents honorably, though she often holds back for the sake of the law (something
she finds incredibly backwards in a justice system, as she believes this bureaucracy impedes the improvement of the world).

No matter how ridiculous local laws can be, she will uphold it to the letter. The only exception is when a law is blatantly unfair or if an evil person is currently
in control of the law.



Currently is a bodyguard/enforcer of justice for Neal Davison Lyons


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