A strange occult detective in love with a goddess


PL 8

AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 5’11"
WEIGHT: 189 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown



Pocket Watch Mystic Focus: 18 point array (Easily Removable -14)
– Phantom Form: Insubstantial 4 Linked to Flight 4 (Concentration) – 21 points
– False Conscience: Communication 2 (Mental, Rapid) – 1 point (9 points)
– Breaching the Innermost Vault: Mind Reading 5 (Cumulative) – 1 point (15 points)
– Universal Tongue: Comprehend 6 (Animals 2, Languages 2, Machines 2, Objects 2, Plants 2, Spirits 2, Sustained, Standard Activation) – 1 point (21 points)
– Shadow Step: Teleport 8 (Medium: Shadows, Increased Mass 3) – 1 point (11 points)
– Mother’s Kiss: Regeneration 10 (Source: Dirt, Sustained) – 1 point (5 points)
– Balm of Flesh: Healing 5 (Limited to Others) – 1 point (5 points)
– Hand of the Mind: Move Object 4 (Precise, Perception, Subtle) – 1 point (21 points)
– Sign of an Open Eye: Enhanced Awareness 4, Enhanced Intellect 2 (Standard Activation, Noticeable) – 1 point (9 points)
– Titanic Might: Enhanced Strength 6 (Standard Activation, Noticeable) – 1 point (9 points)
– Cat’s Paw: Enhanced Dexterity 4 (Standard Activation, Noticeable) – 1 point (5 points)
– Mask of a Thousand Faces: Morph 3 (Resistible) – 1 point (12 points)

In Tune With the Universe: Feature 1 (Temporal Inertia), Senses 5 (Radius Mental Magical Awareness, Radius Mental Divine Awareness, Time Sense) – 6 points

Goddess’ Favor: Senses 1 (Danger Sense), Senses 4 (Post-Cognition, Pre-Cognition, Uncontrolled) Enhanced Advantage (Fearless), Protection 3 – 7 points


Handy Haversack: Feature 1 (Item desired always on top) – 1 point
Mask: Night Vision Goggles, Flash Goggles, Gas Mask, Commlink – 4 points
Restraints – 1 point
Lock Release Gun – 1 point
Binoculars – 1 point
Digital Camera – 1 point
Video Camera – 2 points


Defensive Roll 2
Improvised Tools
Agile Feint
Equipment 2


Acrobatics 4 (8)
Athletics 2 (4/10)
Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (10)
Expertise: Magic 7 (10/12)
Expertise: Law 3 (6/8)
Insight 6 (10/14)
Investigation 8 (12/16)
Perception 6 (10/14)
Stealth 6 (10)
Persuasion 4 (4)


Initiative +4
Unarmed +10, Damage 2/8


Dodge 7
Parry 8
Toughness 7/5
Fortitude 5
Will 8/12


Obsession – The Goddess: Sage is at all times seeking to live in line with his interpretation of the visions the Blind Goddess has revealed to him. Made to choose
between the Goddess and anything else in the world, his choice is obvious.

Motivation – Love: Sage acts out of a deep and abiding love for all of humanity, and it pains him deeply when he must harm someone to protect the greater whole.
He struggles with this love, however, because he knows that by the Goddess’s own teachings it should take primacy over his love of Her, but he often cannot bring
himself to subordinate his love for Her to his love of humanity. He resents this selfishness on his part and works to move past it.

Power Loss: If Sage were to somehow lose the Goddess’ favor, the powers derived from it would no longer be granted to him, and he would likely be so distraught
as to be unable to function.

Rivalry – “Edgy” nineties heroes: Sage is appalled by what he sees as a fundamental disrespect for human life in such heroes. He goes out of his way to try to show
them what he believes to be the better way. He is disturbed by how little effect it seems to have.


- When using Mother’s Kiss, the dirt transubstantiates into flesh as he rubs it into his wounds. The titular mother is Mother Earth.
- Sign of an Open Eye’s noticeable factor is a glowing third eye that he inscribes onto his forehead, hence the Standard Activation.
- Titanic Might’s noticeable factor is a series of thick glowing lines that run across his arms and legs, which he draws by dragging his fingertips quickly across each limb, hence the Standard Activation.
- Cat’s Paw’s noticeable factor is a glowing cat’s eye that appears on both of his hands, which he draws with his fingertip, hence the Standard Activation.
- All of these noticeable marks glow brightly enough to be visible through his clothing.
- His pre- and post-cognition is essentially a plot device for the ST, since it is uncontrolled.
- The Blind Goddess that Sage loves and worships is a minor deity of universal love and compassion. She may or may not actually exist, but he is adamant that she does and seeks to honor her in all things. His love for her could best be described as equal parts agape and eros, speaking in classical terms.
- Sage’s pocket watch is his spellcasting focus. If he loses it, he cannot cast spells and any active spells end.
- In his civilian identity, Sam Samson is an exceptionally talented but little-known private detective. As Sage, he is even better thanks to his magical abilities, but since his best spell for such work is very obviously noticeable, its difficult to use it on the job.
- Sage wears a white fabric full-face mask with no discernible eyes. Instead, the pattern has a black bar that wraps around the eyes, resembling a blindfold. Despite this, Sage can see just fine through it, and it even has some minor technological features, including night-vision, flash protection, air filtration (as per a gas mask), and a commlink.
- Sage dresses much like a Golden Age detective, with a grey fedora and trenchcoat over a charcoal suit. As Sam Samson, he eschews the fedora and wears a peacoat to keep with the times. The charcoal suit is still essential, however.


Sage sacrificed himself in the ultimate display of devotion. Allowing Elisabeth to return.


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