Scarlet Witch

Thank god she's not crazy, eh?!


F: GD 10
A: GD 10
S: TY 5
E: EX 20
R: GD 10
I: EX 20
P: RM 30
A: RM 30

Probability Alteration Power
-Eldritch Bolts: In
-Shields: In
-Telekinesis: Ex
-Magical Senses: Rm
-Spirit Sense & Communication: Rm
-Weather Manipulation: Rm

Talents: Occult Lore, Mystic Background, Martial Arts B


Wanda Maximoff! Daughter to the stars! (wait no that’s wrong) Daughter to Magneto reformed Mutant terrorist. Now acts as one of two mutant poster children for the Avengers and the team’s resident magic expert. Also didn’t murder the Avengers and cause the breakdown of reality, because she’s not crazy.

Scarlet Witch

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