The Spectacular Spiderman

A mutant who was inspired by the original Spiderman


F:Am 50/Mn75 to hit(Un to dodge).. Health: 250
A:Mn 75(Sh-X to dodge)………… Karma: 75
S:Am 50……………………… Resources: Feeble
E:Mn 75……………………… Popularity: 0
R:Rm 30
I:Gd 10(Am 50)
P:Rm 30
A:Ty 5

Powers: Retarded Aging, Danger Sense: Am 50, Wall-Crawling: Am 50,
Webshooters: Am 50

Talents: Martial Arts B

Dodge Pool: 13
Recharge: 11


The new Spectacular Spiderman is actually a young man named Michael Hall. He was born in the year 1989 he is a 25 as of April 2015. He was inspired by the original Spiderman to take up super heroics after a person close to him was killed in a Sentinel attack.

Long ago in North America, there was a certain Native American tribe that worshipped a spider god. The people, through their connection, started to become more and more like their god and once every generation a hero would be born. Most members of the tribe possessed slight spider-like traits, such as things sticking to their hands, a nack for acrobatics, or perhaps, the ability to leap. These were never great abilities and rarely would ever distinguish them from normal humans, except the hero that was born once a generation. This individual, possessed all of the abilities that the tribe had developed so far and at their greatest extent yet. This hero defended the tribe for untold ages. The tribe was defeated, by economic means, by the United States and was forced onto a reservation in upstate New York. This place in the year of 1989, the hero of the next generation was born.

Deceased. The new Spiderman died in a fight for the freedom of the city of San Francisco.

The Spectacular Spiderman

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