The Vision

Android and resident super computer


F) Rm 30
A) Ex 20
S) Am 50
E) In 40
R) Rm 30
I) Gd 10
P) Rm 30
A) Gd 10

Health: 140 Karma: 70
Resources: Pr Pop: 30

Known Powers:
Life Support
Solar Beams
Solar Regeneration
Density Manipulation (Self): Un, The normal density is Gd rank, at densities above Gd, the Vision gains body armor equal to the density rank. At densities above In, he suffers a -1cs to Fighting and Agility. At densities above Am, he may use the density rank as strength. At Un density, the Vision cannot move. The Vision can perform the following power stunts:
-Disrupting living or non-living targets by solidifying inside them. Damage inflicted is equal to the Vision’s density rank and body armor is ignored. At ranks above Am, Vision himself suffers Am damage. After many uses of this stunt, Vision can now use this stunt with little risk of accidental killing the target.


Talents: Repair/Tinker


The Vision acts as the Avengers super computer and overall database. He also provides quite the punch when needed.

The Vision

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