An Asgardian Super God of Thunder!


F: UN/(Shift-150 with Mjolnir)
A: IN/(Unearthly with Mjolnir)
S: Sh 125
E: Sh 125

Health: 340 Karma:80 Popularity:60 Resources:Ex

-True Invulnerability: As one of the most powerful Asgardian gods Thor’s resistance to injury is greater than the majority Asgardians. Thor has Excellent protection from physical and energy attacks. Meaning he has protection from 5 shifts of damage.
-Resistances: Thor has Unearthly Resistance to fire and cold
-Retarded Aging: This power grants Unearthly immunity to the ravaging effects of time. Thor only physically ages one year for every 100 years. He will age, just very slowly. They may still be killed normally.
-Thor does not need to breath
-Invulnerablity: Thor has Class 1000 Resistance to Disease,Toxins,Electricity, and Radiation.
-Illusion: Thor can detect Illusions with Remarkable ability.
-Weather Control: Thor is able to call upon the lightning, thunder and storm without his hammer however this is at Amazing rank.
-Earth Control: Spectacular
-Warrior’s Madness: Thor can enter a berserk state that raises his strength up to Shift-150 for 1-10 rounds. At the end the Warrior’s Madness he must make an Yellow Endurance FEAT or pass out for 5-20 rounds. Thor’s strength level drops to Monstrous for 3 days afterward, regardless. Should Thor use other strength enhancements, the bonuses are cumulative. This means wearing the Belt of Strength his strength would increase to Shift-250 and damage from Mjolnir would be Shift-500.


Unique Weapon: War hammer-“Mjolnir” is made from Uru metal, a Class 3000 strength metal. Mjolnir possess the following powers:

-Thor may inflict up to Shift-150 Blunt damage with Mjolnir

-Thor may throw the hammer up to 10 areas away with the hammer returning the following round.

-If Thor focuses(meaning he takes no other action for the round) he can create force fields of SH-150 strength

-Thor may fly up to Class 1000 speeds space and Shift-500 maximum in atmosphere

-By spinning the hammer, Thor may use it as a shield of Unearthly strength.

-Weather and Air Control: Shift-150 rank. Thor has all associated power stunts and can shoot lightning bolts from Mjolnir without summoning a storm. Thor can raise the damage for the power by up to two shifts by making an endurance feat.

-Dimensional Travel: By spinning the hammer, Thor may move into adjacent dimensions with Unearthly ability.

-Magic Detection: Unearthly ability.

-Light Blast: Unearthly intensity

-Absorption: The hammer can absorb blasts of up to Class 1000 intensity which must be redirected the following round, in any direction.

-Mystical Energy Blasts: Mjolner can fire draining blasts of mystical energy (on the force or energy column) with Unearthly ability, capable of slaying Asgardian gods. Thor refers to this energy blast as the Anti-Force.

-Life Support: While in space, the hammer provides Thor with Shift-500 Life Support allowing him to breath freely. Thor can naturally go long periods without food or water but must still breath and sleep(with the hammer).

-Only one who is worthy may lift Mjolnir. The wielder (other than Thor) must have 5000+ Karma, Remarkable Strength and positive Popularity and must be good. A non-living object must have at least Unearthly Strength to lift Mjolnir. You can also lift Mjolnir with Shift-500 strength.

-Unfettered Might: Thor has developed a particularly deadly power stunt with Mjolnir which he seldom uses on mortal opponents. This is a Thrown Attack, with a “wind up” that increases dmg. from Shift-150 to Shift-250, and surrounds the hammer with a blazing blue energy-aura (use the Throwing Edged column for this attack). The friction-generated heat of the “wind up” is so immense that it causes Unearthly damage on Thor himself if he is not wearing his Gauntlets (see below). If Thor is wearing his Belt of Strength, while performing this power, dmg. is increased to Shift-500. Thor is reluctant to use this power on mortal opponents, and as such looses half of his Karma every time he does so. Against rampaging foes of great power (such as Surtur, Fafnir, ect.) he does not suffer this penalty (they must be stopped at all costs). Thor may also attempt this as a melee Edged Attack (not throwing it), but is restricted to only one attack that round. With all bonuses he does Class 1000 damage.

-Dimensional Rift: By focusing all of Mjolnir’s energies, Thor can create a rift in the fabric of the universe, breaking the barriers between dimensions. Anyone or anything caught nearby will be forces into the rift by a Shift-500 (Class 1000 if wearing his Belt of Strength) energy backlash. Thor can determine into which dimension the victims arrive in. This power costs Thor 100 of his remaining Karma points.

-God Blast: Class 3000 damage
Must spend all karma
charge for 5 turns
Mjolner must make a yellow level feat or shatter.

-Odinforce Class 3000: Odin is in control of the Odinforce. The Odinforce allows him to perform the following abilities:
-Illusory Duplication: Odin can send out a image of himself within a CL3000 range.
-Dimension Travel: Un, Odin was capable of feats such as transporting the entire human race to an alternate dimension
-Enchantment: Sh-500 ability to gift a target with Un powers.
-Energy Bolts: Sh-500 Energy, 10 areas
-Regeneration: Sh-500
-Telepathy: Un ability to read minds from across even dimensions
-Force Field: Sh-500
-Matter Manipulation: Un ability to manipulate matter for a number of purposes
-Time Manipulation: Un ability to stop time itself, and allow one to travel through time
-Spirit Vampirism: CL3000 ability to absorb all Asgardian life forces into himself and combine their ability ranks with his. The Asgardians remain in a coma until he releases their souls.

Equipment -

-Belt of Strength: When wearing the enchanted belt, Thor’s strength is increased +1CS. This increase conveys a +1CS on the damage he can cause with Mijolner. Thor’s strength and Endurance is reduced by -3CS for one week after removing the belt.

-Gauntlets of Might: Class 1000 material strength they provide Shift-250 protection vs. contact powers and prevent damage when using ‘Unfettered Might’ power stunt.

-Asgardian Armor: Thor sometimes wears a suit of mystical armor which provides him with Unearthly protection from physical and energy attacks.

-Odinsword: Class 1000 material strength. Specifically used to kill the Serpent.


Weapons Specialist: Mjolnir, Bows, Blunt Weapons, Sharp Weapons, Wrestling, Occult Lore, Asgardian Lore, Mythological Lore, Leadership. In mortal forms has extensive knowledge of Medicine.


Is believed to be back in Asgard. You know being all full of Thunder.


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