An Alternate Reality

To Summarize
Good News Everyone!

Our heroes boldly went where few heroes have gone: to the winner’s circle. Yeah sure heroes defeat their villains all the time, but this was a step above and beyond merely defeating the villains and saving the World. This was stopping the villain, convincing the villain they don’t want to be a bad guy anymore, and then having them over for a nice meal. Not everything is roses, but it is well on its way to a garden of Eden:

  • Amot is still at large
  • San Fransisco has vanished (and the vampires that ruled it with it), thanks to Black Adder.
  • Latveria is a stabilized region thanks to Neal Lyons and Black Adder.
  • The United Nations has taken a proactive, economic growth model approach to the nations of the world thanks to Neal Lyons.
  • Atlantis has agreed to terms with the surface world.
  • Wakanda still acts as an isolationist, but has agreed to join the United Nations on a probationary period.
  • Every Sunday, Neal gets together with various World Leaders for pancakes.
A Team is Born!
Avengers Assemble?

Strange goings on at the Baxter Building. Result in some random terrorizing of New York’s citizen populace. Four new heroes emerge onto the scene to save these helpless citizens only to be teleported to face terrifying invisible energy monsters. They are The Spectacular Spiderman, Right-of-Way, Richard “Blackadder” Lear, and after some time the fourth hero joins them: Super Charisma Man. A fight ensues as Right of Way and Dick Lear only see monsters in the place of the other heroes. In the heroines perspective the new Spider-man ate a child. It was simply a result of the energy fluctuation from the Baxter Building that they saw these things, but the heroes leap into action. Dick and Rite try to take down the spider monster that is in place of Spider-man, but Spider-man wanting to live up to the legend that was Peter Parker holds back just trying to stay alive.
p. After a moment Charisma man shows up and Spider-man instantly webs him up, not knowing if he too would attack in derangement. Spidey realizes that the newcomer is just as confused as he is and no threat, he frees him from the webbing and rescues him from the other two confused heroes. The fight continues with Spider-man nearly being knocked unconscious, but he manages to escape with Charisma Man and then returning to momentarily subdue the other two confused heroes. With Charisma man in close proximity he manages to wake up the two confused heroes from their violent “stupor”. Impressed with their prowess in combat and superhuman abilities he suggest they form up as a team to help the city in need. Spider-man is hesitant not wanting to team-up with two people who nearly beat him unconscious, Dick Lear is hesitant because of the “aggrandizing theatrics that is the cape and cowl game”, but Rite of Way feels the call of Justice in this opportunity and signs on. Without a moment to breathe, Eryn the new Sorcerer Supreme, appears to each of the heroes imploring them to assist him in Central Park. They agree, and a portal opens to whisk them to his location. Charisma Man decides magic portals aren’t for him and he heads to the street to hail a cab…
p. Arriving in Central Park the heroes find Eryn meditating off the ground in front of a strange golden archway that leads into a yellow energy field. It seems that the energy field is only on one side of the archway, but before the heroes can ask any questions three little impish creatures arrive. The imps immediately begin running amok in the park causing little disturbances wherever they go. Eryn mentions they are called G’haarak and he needs a few moments to close the portal. The heroes move to dispatch the imps, but find they prove a little more challenging than anticipated. More and more imps join the park, and not long Spider-Man and Dick collapse from their injuries and an overwhelming amount of the G’haarak, while Rite of Way teleports back and forth distracting the little creatures. Eryn finally manages to close the portal while simultaneously exorcising the imps and healing the heroes. He thanks them and flies away. Charisma man shows up to compliment them on a job well done. He could see the fight taking place from a distance. This time he suggests they retire to his home to discuss matters of importance and heroics.
p. The heroes take this opportunity to investigate the Baxter Building. Strolling in, they are greeted by H.E.R.B.I.E. and find him to be less than forthcoming with information. Finding the first open available schedule slot to meet with the Future Foundation being in September, Rite of Way, Spider-Man, and Charisma Man walk outside. Dick walks back in and begins to hack Herbie. He stumbles in the beginning, but manages to successfully break in. He trips the security system and is shot by a defense system. Shrugging off the energy blast he manages to confuse the system into shooting itself and shutting down the alarms.
p. Outside the heroes are disturbed by the building being coated in a strange metallic substance, and begin attacking the building trying to free Dick with some marginal success. Spider-Man manages to nearly knock the door off its hinges, but breaks his hand. Moving to kick the door in he is electrocuted by the buildings defenses, and Charisma Man suggests maybe he should back off. The building metal covering shortly recedes, and Dick walks outside saying he met with someone who quite possibly is as smart as he is. He assures the group this is impressive and shouldn’t really be possible. The group asks what he found out, but he mentions that they were stepping outside the law by essentially attacking the Baxter Building, and everything seemed to be under control.
p. The day ends with Charisma offering to bankroll the team for their time and efforts, while possibly providing some leadership and direction. He mentions he wants to try a business/diplomatic venture with Namor and the Atlanteans. Dick and he discuss some options and ideas while Rite of Way and Spider-man pratrol the city for any wrong doings. A few crimes are prevented and the day is saved, thanks to the four people who may or may not be super heroes!


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