Tag: Avengers


  • Tartarus

    He wears a more armored version of the Captain America outfit, and uses the Photon shield. He was once known as the superhero Autopsy.

  • Hawkeye

    Clint Barton has been trained by the original Captain America to supplement his already formidable marksmanship. He is one of the team leaders within the Avengers organization.

  • Black Widow

    Natasha Romanov no longer the quintuple super spy. Leads her array of techniques and tactics to the Avengers in many undercover avenues. She is often asked to do reconnaissance for the team usually teaming up with Hawkeye in the process.

  • The Vision

    The Vision acts as the Avengers super computer and overall database. He also provides quite the punch when needed.

  • Luke Cage

    The Avengers resident tough guy. He is also one of their connections to the street level heroes, and some inside info on the comings and goings from both Rand Industries and the [[Devil's Playground | Devil's Playground]].

  • Spider-Woman

    Jessica Drew is another spy turned superhero on the Avengers team and is the team's contact to the space organization SWORD.

  • Havok

    Alex Summers is one of the Avengers poster boy Mutants. Suffering longtime droughts of lacking diversity the Avengers attempted to reach out and add some of their genetically different super brethren. He acts as another team leader within the Avengers.

  • Scarlet Witch

    Wanda Maximoff! Daughter to the stars! (wait no that's wrong) Daughter to Magneto reformed Mutant terrorist. Now acts as one of two mutant poster children for the Avengers and the team's resident magic expert. Also didn't murder the Avengers and cause the …

  • Ant Man

    Scott Lang, reformed criminal (hey if Magneto gets a free pass, then so does a burglar) adopted the Ant Man persona during one of Hank Pym's many psychological breakdowns (or you know also stole it from him), but after YellowGiantjacket Man died in Kang's …