Tag: Future Foundation


  • Baxter Building

    Ex-Home of the Fantastic Four. Stellianos has guardianship over Franklin and Valeria Richards and runs Baxter Building in place of Reed Richards. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/181762/440px-Baxter_Building.jpg(440px baxter building)!

  • Stellianos Hadjiyannis

    Leader of the Future Foundation and picked up right where Reed Richards left off. Has adopted and taken charge of the care of Franklin and Valeria Richards. Currently engaged to Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk.

  • Franklin Richards

    The son of Susan and Reed Richards, is a powerful mutant with untapped potential. Is currently a serving member of the Future Foundation alongside his sister, [[:stellianos-hadjiyannis | adoptive father]], and soon to be adopted mother.

  • Valeria Richards

    Not quite as intelligent as she would believe, she does possess similar invention prowess as her father and force-field projections like her mother. Current member on the Future Foundation

  • She-Hulk

    Jennifer Walters is an accomplished lawyer in her own right, but she is best known as the cousin to the Hulk, and superhero alter ego: SHE-HULK! She is currently engaged to [[:stellianos-hadjiyannis | The Greatest Mind in the World]], and a member of …