3 years and 5 months have passed since the heroes overthrew Kang in his successful invasion and take over of Earth, but several people perished in the process. This was a precursor of things to come. Those who perished during Kang’s invasion besides the countless lives lost: Wasp, Yellowjacket (Hank Pym), Master of the World, Scarlet Centurion, Supreme Soviets, The Euro Avengers, Peregrine, Stingray, Flagsmasher, Blacklash, and Wonder Man.
10,000,000 dead: The War of Kang

2 yrs 9.5 mo. ago: Newly recruited X-Men: Xorn, disguises himself as Magneto and takes over Manhattan. In the final confrontation between him and the X-Men, Jean Grey dies, but this costs Xorn his head.
10,000 dead: The Mutant Takeover

2 yrs 2 mo. ago: The Hulk goes on his last Earth rampage and a secret meeting of heroes decide until a cure can be developed it would be safer if they shot him into space.
100 dead: The Rampage

2 yrs 1 mo. ago A terrible tragedy takes place in Connecticut as a team of superheroes tries to take down a single super villain. The super villain takes a portion of the town with him, and escapes. Public opinion drops significantly.
600 dead

2 yrs ago: A civil war between friend and friend breaks out, as the superhero community argues over superhero registration. The Superhuman Registration Act passes, but at the cost of the greatest superhero ever, Mr. America himself: Steve Rodgers.
1000 dead

20 mo. ago: The Skrulls invade and in the ensuing chaos Charles Xavier dies. Fuuten goes into hiding in his underwater civilization.
4,000,000 dead: Secret Invasion

17 mo ago: Norman Osborne takes over as director of the Superhuman Registration Act, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Avengers. Tony Stark goes into hiding.

14.5 mo. ago: Norman Osborne’s short lived reign ends with his decision to invade Asgard, he and Loki die in the process.
15,000 dead: Siege of Asgard

14 mo. ago: The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, and the Black Panther decide to take down Dr. Doom. In the conflict Latveria descends into a war torn third country being gobbled up by neighboring nations with Doom, Panther, the FF, and the X-Men perish.
20,000 dead due to initial fighting and then faction fighting: Latveria’s Secret War

11 mo. ago: A prison temple is constructed and Hell’s Kitchen is walled off. Rechristened as the “Devil’s Playground”.
100 dead

9 mo. ago: An evil faction of Asgard tries to fulfill an ancient evil prophecy on Earth. Many lives are lost again as it seems to be the end of the World. The Humbler, Vainglory, The Absorbing Man, Stephen Strange (aka Sorcerer Supreme), Bucky Barnes (the new Captain America), Grey Gargoyle, The Wrecker, and Emet (the Truth Golem) perish in a mighty final confrontation. Thor, Hercules, and Gobannos go missing in the chaos.
40,000,000 dead: The Serpent’s War

7 mo. ago: Peter Parker aka the Amazing Spider-Man takes down Doctor Octopus in his bid for World domination, but both lose their lives. Venom, Scarlet Spider, and several of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery fall in this mighty battle.
150 dead: The Spider’s final stand

5 mo. ago Seth assembles a new band of heroes and while the Spectacular Spider-man didn’t survive his first foray into team heroics the World is brightening up. Latveria has peacefully been absorbed by its neighboring countries and each country, like much of the world thanks to Neal Lyons, is enjoying an economic boost to the world. San Francisco once taken over by a vampire master has been erased off the map, including it would seem all vampires in the World.
Roughly 800,000 people have gone missing from the San Francisco Metro Area (from downtown San Fran all the way south to Milbrae)

1 mo. ago A strong Earthquake was felt coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, but due to the lack of population in the area, minimal damage and injury were reported. Some people say they saw strange lights and bizarre weather coming from the San Francisco metropolitan area.

Total Deaths from casualties estimate 54 ~ 60 million
Current World Population: 6.2 billion


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