Former/Current? Mutant Terrorist. The Master of Magnetism


F) Gd 10
A) Rm 30
S) Gd 10
E) Mn 75
R) In 40
I) Ex 20
P) Am 50
A) Gd 10

Health: 125 Karma: 110
Resources: Am Pop: -50

Energy Control: He can manipulate heat, light, radio waves, gamma radiation and x-rays with Mn ability.
-Flight: Rm airspeed
-Force Field: He can create a force field within 1 area at Mn rank. For every 2 areas beyond the first, the field loses -1CS. He can use magnetic and energy powers through his force field.
Magnetic Control: He can manipulate iron and iron-based alloys with Un ability to do the following:
-Ferrokinesis: Lift Ferrous objects as if with Un strength.
-Scramble Machinery with Un ability.
-Inflict Un damage to iron-based or iron-alloyed characters.
-Detect Magnetic Fields: Mn
-Use metal objects to attack or entrap opponents at line-of-sight range.
-Non-Ferrous Manipulation: Mn
-Assemble Machinery in 1 round.
Telepathic Projection: He can send thoughts and images up to 10 miles away with Gd ability.
Astral Projection: Magneto can project himself onto the astral plane with Ty ability.

Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
Helmet: In material, CL1000 protection vs. Psionics

Talents: Computers, Electronics, Engineering, Detective/Espionage, Genetic Manipulation, Leadership, Multi-Lingual: (English, German, Russian and more), Robotics


It’s Magneto. Red armored clothes, helmet, and cape. Controls metals and so much more, because he’s the Batman of the magnetic forces world. Currently living on Asteroid M, renamed Utopia.


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